OG Whatsapp Pro is the modded version of simple WhatsApp, like GB and FM WhatsApp files. It was the first time launched by the AlexMods. This is also a messaging file like the other WhatsApp. Unlimited features are given here that moderate it from the simple WhatsApp files. Here, you can improve your messaging experience, and various layouts can be changed.

Verion | 17.55

Weolcome to OG WhatsApp Pro #1 Whattsapp Modified version in the world. OG WhatsApp Pro APK is totely free of cost with a lot of Features. You will really enjoy this modified version because of its a lot of Functions. Download now the latest version of APK.

OG WhatsApp Pro

Download button for Downloading OG Whatsapp Pro on Androids

● To download the OGWhatsapp on Androids, click the download button on this page.

● After clicking the download button, the downloading will be started after a few seconds. It will be completed.

● After downloading, OG downloaded file will be shown in the Chrome file downloaded section.

● Go to Chrome and click on the downloaded file section; find it there and click on it to install it instantly.

● To install it, it is necessary for you that you must have the latest Android version, and your device memory must have to be a minimum of 16MB.

● As you see that the app has been downloaded, go to the device setting and click the unknown resources button to turn it on.

● After turning on the unknown resources button, move to Chrome and click on the downloaded OG file to install.

● After finding it, click on it, and the install page will be shown to you; click on the install button to get its installed file on the Android display.

OG Whatsapp Pro APP Features


No more Account Ban! OGWA Pro has the most powerfull Anti-ban Feature which make sure that your Account is safe and running all the time.

Privacy & Security

It has a extra layer of Security with more Privacy Options. You can Set for Custom chats and Groups, and it is far better than the Original one.

Themes & Fonts

Change the Loock and Design of Home Screen, Chat Screen, App icon or anything. It has a huge collection of Stylish Themes and Stylish Fonts.

Save/Download Status

No more need to ask your friend for their Stories and statuses. Now you can directly Save Images and Videos from Status or Copy all the text Stories.

Hide Everything

Freeze or Hide Your Last Seen, Status View, Message Reads, Recording status, Typing status and many more things. But These rules doesn’t apply on you.

Backup & Restore

Want to Move in OG WhatsApp Now? But Warried about all the Data? OGWA has dedicated option for Taking Backup and restore them safely.

Ant-Delete for Everyone

If Someone use “Delete for everyone” Option from their side, the messages will be Delete form their side, but never delete form your side.

Chat Settings

Fully customizable Cat Screen, Change Action bar, Bubble Style, Tick Style, Emoji sets, Confirm before sending, Call button disable, and more.

Regular Updates

OG WhatsApp Pro is an Awesome Mod by Russian Developer Alex. You will get regular Updates with tons of New features and Updates.

Amazing Features of OG Whatsapp

Status Downloader

By OG Whatsapp, you can save the statuses of others without informing them that you have Copied their status. There is no need to tell friends to send their status content, and you can directly save your friends’ status.

Hide Feature

This feature makes OG Whatsapp premium from the other apps. You can hide typing when you are typing a message. Hide seen even you have seen the notes of your friends. Hide recording while recording audio and many more.

Restore With Backup

OG Whatsapp allows you to back up the data. Other than backup, the restore data feature is also given here. It is a severe issue for every simple WhatsApp user to back up the data, But this issue is now solved, and you can quickly restore the data.

Extra Security

OG Whatsapp provides extra security to its users. Protect your chats from the interruption of others. In addition, the end-to-end encryption feature is also included in the additional security feature of the OG file.

More Privacy

The privacy layout of OG Whatsapp is better than the privacy layout of simple WhatsApp. Make your simple friend chats and the chats in groups more secure. You can add a password to each chat in this WhatsApp.

Beautiful Fonts

Unlimited fonts are also given in OG Whatsapp, which makes your chats beautiful and unique. Various font styles will be shown in the font option, and you can choose one font style by going into it.

OGWhatsapp Updates

After a few days, the app is updated regularly by its official website. New features are added in each OG update, and the file updater removes the old features causing errors. All of this is done by Alex, developer of OG Whatsapp Pro.

Anti-Delete Feature

In the anti-delete feature, the messages deleted for everyone are not deleted for you. This feature is also present in OG Whatsapp. It makes OG before all other WhatsApp like GB and FM.

Amazing Themes

There are unique, beautiful themes in OG Whatsapp download that add to the beauty of your chats, and your conversations look amazing when you use various beautiful pieces. To select multiple themes, go to the setting of OG.

Chat Customization

In OGWhatsapp, the Chat customization feature is also shown by which you can customize the various features of the chat. Bubbles are included in the main items of OG, which can be customized by changing their color.

About OG Whatsapp App

App Name OG Whatsapp Pro
App SizeJust 70MB
File DeveloperDeveloper Is AlexMODs
Last Updated1 day Ago


New Update Related To OG Whatsapp In 2023

New features are added to the OG Whatsapp as its latest update is completed. The bugs that cause errors in the file are fixed; other than bugs, the errors in the file are also cleaned by its server. Various websites will show their download button, but I will not recommend using it as it may cause an error for you. Use the download button on this page to get the latest version of OGWhatsapp.


Is OGWhatsapp an upgraded version of simple WhatsApp?

Yes, OGWhatsapp is the upgraded version of simple WhatsApp where you can enjoy the customized features of simple WhatsApp. The features in the OG file are in the official WhatsApp file.

Is OGWhatsapp given on Play Store?

No, OGWhatsapp is not on Play Store as it is the modded version of simple WhatsApp. To get it on the Androids, you have to go to the official website of OGWhatsapp, where you can get it by clicking the download button

Is Anti delete message feature present on OGWhatsapp?

Yes, the Anti-delete message feature is given on the OGWhatsapp. The messages deleted for everyone will not be deleted for you. A circle will be shown on the deleted messages, but the notes will not be deleted.

How to change themes on OGWhatsapp?

For changing themes, click on the setting and go to the theme section, where various themes will be shown. You can download online themes, also. After selecting a beautiful theme, your chat will look stunning.

Is OGWhatsapp safe for Androids?

Yes, it is safe for androids. Pro versions of this app are also given, and they are also safe for Androids. Your device would not be banned if you used any modded version of OGWhatsapp.

Can we share more images simultaneously on OGWhatsapp than on official WhatsApp?

Yes, more images can be shared on this OG file, but the image share limit on the official WhatsApp is only thirty for sharing the photos simultaneously. Images quality will also be delivered the same as they will be shared

Does the official company of Whatsapp launch OGWhatsapp?

No, an official company, WhatsApp, has not launched it. It is found on the private website of the OGWhatsapp.

Are unlimited themes present on OGWhatsapp?

Yes, unlimited themes are given non this OG file, and to get them, you have to go to the theme store of OG.

Is OGWhatsapp safe for Android devices?

Yes, it is fully safe for Android devices. There are no viruses in it that will interrupt the other device file or become the cause of device error.

Can we simultaneously use OGWhatsapp and Simple Whatsapp on the same device?

Yes, you can simultaneously use OGWhatsapp and Simple Whatsapp on the same devices.